Sandara Quinn

Cleric of Besmara, surgeon on the Jenny, close allies with the PCs, love interest of Cal


Human, Cleric 10, Trickery and Water (Ocean) Domains


A strong follower of Besmara. On the Wormwood she was the first NPC that treated them with respect and helped retrieve their items. Not long after being on the Man’s Promise, she and Jack Scrimshaw were captured by Grindylows and brought to Bonewrack Isle. She was rescued by both Morrison and Cal and rewarded Cal with her Besmara’s Tricorne. After the mutiny on the Man’s Promise, she was assigned the role of the Surgeon due to her healing abilities. She also gives the PCs tips and enjoys working with them. After defeating Knuckles Grype, Sandara told the PCs of her pilgrimage to Besmara and requested to keep the Thresher and its plunder in order to complete the pilgrimage. Hobbes agreed to the decision and Sandara gave her goodbyes to the party, vowing she would return, and sailed away. Sandara was invited to the feast on Sindus and saw the PCs again after many months of being away. She was caught up with current events and looks forward to joining their crew soon as her pilgrimage is ending soon.

Sandara Quinn

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