Morrison (Manumit)(Dead)

Master Gunner of the Jenny, one of very few people in the shackles with guns, item crafter, previous slave.


Elf, Gunslinger 1/Wizard 6 (Spellslinger), Opposed schools: Divination, enchantment, abjuration, illusion, dual wields pistols and typically casts scorching ray or burning hands from them, burned to death.


Uses bullets carefully in combat. Created the Jenny’s phrase, “We are the shield, not the sword.” Was a former slave with his father to a Manticore known as Zedonehz. He quickly adapted after his father’s death. He was eventually saved by a mysterious man wielding pistols who killed Zedonehz and saved him. Manumit retreated to Port Peril where he once again fell into the hands of slavery. He started on the Wormwood immediately hating Plugg. Early on he attempted to attack Plugg but received a large amount of punishments. During the mutiny he was almost killed by Plugg before being saved by Pirate Maheem. On the Jenny he became the master gunner due to his skills with ranged weapons. After a run in with the Dominator, Manumit was forced to retreat but not before Cal gave him his Besmara’s Tricorne with a few potions inside. After retreating, Manumit, Pirate Captain Pirate, and Scrinti found themselves face to face with Whalebone Pilk, where Manumit quickly fell unconscious but was eventually saved. During the fight with Zedonehz, he was marked as permanently shaken if within visible range, due to his father being resurrected as a Draugr and Zedonehz’s undead thrall. After Rakham’s death, he had a sudden realization that he is the only remaining original crew member alive. He stayed behind on the events of Tidewater Rock to keep an eye on Pirate Captain Pirate and stayed behind in Mancatcher Cove as well to ensure the safety of the ship from the Thresher and the Canopy Creeper. When the party went to the Jasperleaf Apothecary, Manumit was quickly disposed of by Zarskia, thus ending his life and the final original member of the Wormwood. Although he is dead, Hobbes, Pirate Maheem, and Scrinti still were from the Wormwood.

Morrison (Manumit)(Dead)

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