Levin Thundersong

Quartermaster of the Jenny, friend of Tessa Fairwind's, joined the PCs to help them in the Regatta


Aasimar, Bard 10 (Duettist), has a penguin familiar named Rocky

• Pummeled by giant crawling hands (Session 21)


Levin Thundersong used to be a sailor but his ship was recently sunk. Seeking help, he went to his friend Tessa Fairwind to live with her for a while. When the PCs returned from the Jasperleaf Apothecary, Tessa told the PCs about Levin and how he needed a ship to be on. Levin happily accepted the request and joined the crew. Levin is an extreme buffer of the physical brutes of the group, such as Kanger and Eremander. After the events of the Brine Banshee, the party believed in Levin’s ability to support the group and quickly befriended and trusted him. Because of this, he was appointed as the new quartermaster after a brief restaffing of the Jenny.

Levin Thundersong

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