Knuckles Grype

First mate of the Thresher and Isabella Locke's right hand man, ambushed the PCs


Human, Fighter 7 (Brawler), uses spiked gauntlets, killed by Kanger after begging for mercy

Appears in Session 12


Knuckles Grype was the first mate of the Thresher. He sailed away after the failed attack on Tidewater Rock and retreated to Mancatcher Cove in wait of the party. He ran into the Jenny upon their arrival to the cove but left them alone. After the party returned from Mancatcher Cove, he ambushed the group and attacked. The raid was successful until the Canopy Creeper descended down on top of the battle and began swooping up pirates. After being beaten, Knuckles gave up and begged for his life but Kanger killed him.

Knuckles Grype

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