Cal (Hobbes)

Quartermaster of the Jenny, main healer of the group, has a cat spirit animal.


Aasimar, Shaman 7, cat spirit animal, healing and starburn hexes, heavens spirit.


A follower of Besmara, has a close relationship with Sandara Quinn. Fights with his spirit animal. Cal was introduced as the replacement cook’s mate on the Wormwood after Hozon Mov’s death. He quickly became friends with Ambrose, Sandara, and the others. He remained relatively quiet until Bonewrack Isle when Sandara was kidnapped. After defeating the Brinebrood Queen, Sandara granted Cal her Besmara’s Tricorne. Now Cal works as the Quartermaster on the Jenny and keeps record of plunder. After a run in with an enemy ship, Scrinti convinced Cal to burn it down with the helpless people inside, changing his alignment to NE. After the run in with the Dominator, Cal sacrificed himself to save Manumit and Rakham which reverted his alignment back to normal. He was captured along with Rakham but with the help of Eremander, they escaped and killed Kyan Kain. After Rakham’s death, Hobbes was made the new captain of the Jenny and pledged to live up to the crew’s expectations. At Tidewater Rock he convinced Lady Smythee to set up a temporary base of operations and quickly became friends with Kanger. At Mancatcher Cove he rendered Krelloort, the Sahuagin leader, useless via hold person, allowing Kanger and Scrinti to quickly dispatch him.

Cal (Hobbes)

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