Skulls and Shackles

Session #16: Further Investigation

This session included Hobbes, Pirate Captain Pirate, Manumit, and Eremander. After having looted the wrecker's base, the party returned to the House of Stolen Kisses to bring back the Golden Vespal. To return the favor, Dindreann told them of Jaymiss Keft, a scrimshaw maker in Drenchport who knows some information on the spies. They then made their way to Drenchport to meet Jaymiss, convinced him to tell them of the spies, where he told them about Haddon Pike. Haddon was involved in the smuggling business but recently vanished. The party made their way to Haddon's home where they discovered he was murdered and found strange sheet music and a piece of driftwood resembling a tengu. They showed this to Jaymiss and he revealed the tengu wood is similar to one of Haddon's shipmates, Corlan. He told them of his location in Hell Harbor and they searched for him. Upon meeting Corlan, he was quickly killed by a mysterious assassin known as Giles Halmis. The party chased after Giles and killed him to discover he was hired by a strange person in an apothecary in Port Peril known as "Z." Thus the party went to Port Peril to find the apothecary and learned of Zarskia Galembar, owner of the Jasperleaf Apothecary who opened up trade of poisons and contraband. They also learned of a secret message to get inside. They made their way to the apothecary, gave the guards the password, and were let inside. When they were let inside, they were brought into a private room and met Zarskia where she revealed to had hired Giles and ordered him to kill Haddon and Corlan. She fled after the reveal where her guards attack. They dispatched them quickly and began making their way through the apothecary and found more guards. After killing them as well, the session ended.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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