Skulls and Shackles

Session #15: A Spy in the Shackles

This session included Kanger, Manumit, Hobbes, Pirate Captain Pirate, and Eremander. After proving themselves to Tsadok and preparing themselves for Kerdak's celebration, the party headed to Fort Hazard. They participated in the celebration, eavesdropping and learning of the Free Captains Regatta and 3 pirates quickly gaining infamy through the Shackles. Kerdak demanded a story from the party to prove themselves to him. Hobbes told the story of their journey into Mancatcher Cove but during the story they were constantly being heckled and interrupted by 3 rude pirates but were quieted through intimidation. Their story was approved by Kerdak and they were granted their letter of marque and became free captains. Shortly after the celebration, they were invited to dinner the following day by Tessa Fairwind at her townhouse. The next day they arrived and introduced themselves to Tessa where she questioned their knowledge on Shackles politics. Their knowledge was little but Tessa informed them of the potential invasion from Cheliax upon the Shackles. Tessa also believed there are Chelish spies within the Shackles and requested the party to find evidence of spies so she may bring the evidence to the pirate council. The PCs accepted and Tessa granted them her Charts of the Fair Winds and told them of two potential locations to investigate, The House of Stolen Kisses in Quent and The Temple of the Hidden Name in Beachcomber. They went to Quent first and met Dindreann, high priestess of Calistria. She promised she would grant them information on spies if they retrieved the Golden Vespal, a golden wasp statue that is very important to them that was stolen by ship wreckers. After this they went to Beachcomber and met a halfling priest of Norgorber where he promised information as well if they find the wreck of the Brine Banshee and discover why it was one of the fastest ships in the Shackles. The halfling also revealed the wrecker's leader as Vakarla, a half orc wizard who hides out southeast of the Rampore Isles. The party went to search for the wreckers and ran into an illusory terrain which covered up a reef, causing The Jenny to run aground. As it ran aground, the wreckers climbed onto their ship and attacked along with Vakarla. She was killed by Eremander and she, her wreckers, and their base was looted. Manumit took her spellbook and they retrieved the Golden Vespal. This is where the session ended.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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