Skulls and Shackles

Session #14: The Tests

This session included Kanger, Hobbes, and Pirate Captain Pirate. With the party lacking the infamy needed to gather the attention of the Hurricane King, the race began to gather the rest of it. Over time via infamy checks and attacking ships, the party earned 20 infamy. After this new threshold, the party sailed to Port Peril and learned they would need to bribe the Hurricane King in order to gain his attention. The following day, Tsadok Goldtooth, the Hurricane King's first mate and a large group of cronies rudely arrived, insulting the party for their pathetic ship and low chances of passing the tests needed for the Hurricane King's attention. The first test was a competition between Pirate Captain Pirate and Haines Boyne to climb up the rigging of The Stingray, climb the mast, and unfurl the sails. During this time, Pirate Captain Pirate was sabotaged and fell all the way down but made a quick recovery and ended up winning. The second test involved a game of Bastard's Fool, a card game similar to Blackjack. Tsadok faced off Kanger and with each win of a hand, the competitor would have to drink a shot of Gutburn Rum. Eventually, Kanger won the game, keeping his earnings. The third and final test was a test of combat. On the upper deck of the Jenny, the party had to face off against a Marsh Giant known as Fishpork. They easily defeated him, proving to Tsadok they were worthy, despite his constant scowling and insults. The following evening they received a letter of marque from the Hurricane King himself, inviting them to a feast on Fort Hazard, his own personal fortress. The session ended with the party preparing for the feast.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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