Skulls and Shackles

Session #6: The Mutiny

This session included Pirate Maheem, Barhare, Morrison, and Cal. We continued the journey through Bonewrack Isle where Barhare climbed up a large stone fist and noticed Grindylows heading into a cave, one of which had Sandara's tricorne. The PCs gave chase and followed them into a cave. The group fought through numerous amounts of Grindylows. Eventually the PCs found themselves fighting a Devil Fish that almost killed Barhare. Morrison threw the anchor feather token at the fish, crashing the anchor down on it, killing the creature. Barhare and Pirate Maheem fell unconscious deep into the cave and Cal and Morrison wanted to escape. They retreated to the beach to rest and heal and returned back to the cave, with one day left on the Island. The PCs entered into the final chamber and discovered Sandara and Jack hanging from the ceiling. Jack warned the PCs about the Brinebrood Queen and she appeared, cutting the ropes and sending Sandara and Jack into the water below. Another Grindylow known as The Whale appeared and attacked. The group at that point split, Barhare and Cal went for The Whale, Pirate Maheem went for the Brinebrood Queen, and Morrison went into the water to save Sandara and Jack. After quickly removing The Whale, Barhare and Cal jumped into the water as well to help Morrison. The Brinebrood Queen also went into the water and Pirate Maheem, making this an underwater brawl. Two lacedons were also in this pool as well. Morrison cut the ropes binding the two sailors and handed Sandara and Jack some of his weapons as they began to escape. Jack almost died to a lacedon but escaped. Cal, Sandara, and Jack swam out of the pool as Cal began to aid the injured sailors. Barhare killed the Brinebrood Queen and they all reunited out of the pool. As thanks, Sandara gave Cal her tricorne and Jack owed his life to the PCs. Jack also told the group that he eavesdropped on Plugg and discovered that he intended on killing them when given the opportunity. The PCs, Sandara, and Jack returned to the Man's Promise to discover Plugg and Scourge held the friendly PCs hostage and challenged the group to a battle. They accepted and battle ensued. Plugg targeted Morrison while Scourge targeted Barhare. A few hostile sailors were killed including another enemy of Barhare, Fipps Chumlett. Scourge was killed by Barhare and after Morrison was knocked unconscious and about to be coup de graced, Plugg was killed by Pirate Maheem. The remaining hostile sailors who surrendered were sent to Bonewrack Isle and died of Ghoul Fever. Pirate Maheem was elected as captain of the ship and decided to sail to Rickety Squibs to remodel their ships.

Session #5: Bonewrack Isle

This session included Pirate Maheem, Barhare, Morrison, and Cal. After learning of the disappearance of Sandara and Jack, the PCs assumed they were brought to the island. Plugg denied they were kidnapped and demanded the PCs go to the island, retrieve supplies, fresh water, and if the missing sailors are there, retrieve them as well. So the PCs sailed out on a dinghy to the beach of Bonewrack Isle where they were attacked by crabs. They then traveled up a hill to a cabin where they fought Vine Chokers. After exploring the cabin itself they discovered a dead man being hung from the ceiling brought back as a ghast. It didn't reveal itself as alive until someone approached. They used this cabin as a rest point and proceeded into the marsh area of the island. After a tough fight against toads in quicksand, the session ended relatively early.

Session #4: The Man's Promise

The player of Pirate Maheem could not make it to this session so I brought in a guest who would soon become a prevalent member of the group. His character is a Catfolk fighter known as Scrunto Cat'Nek. The group was quickly introduced to Scrunto and Cal and Morrison's three weeks in the bilges were over and he was given back his gun for this event. The raid soon began on the Man's Promise as Scrunto leaped on deck and started decimating their crew, killing 3-4 sailors before the remaining party members even made it on the ship. The Rahadoumi Officer tried to jump off the ship, poking the PCs with her Boarding Pike of Repelling as often as she could. She retreated and the Man's Promise was taken. The PCs and a lot of other important NPCs were put onto the ship under new command of Captain Plugg and First Mate Scourge. The PCs said their farewells to Grok and they sailed off. Fearful of what Plugg is planning, the PCs attempted to befriend as many NPCs as possible who weren't already friendly or helpful. The only NPC influenced was Badger Medlar where she revealed to the PCs that Plugg is planning on squibbing the ship and taking command of this ship himself. After a vicious storm, the ship crashed near a strange island and Sandara and Jack Scrimshaw were kidnapped by Grindylows. The PCs fought some of these Grindylows and the remaining ones retreated. This is where the session ended.

Session #3: The Deathly Reef

This session began the next day after the storm where the PCs mourned Tilly's death. After that, Pirate Jack (being played by the same person who played Pirate Justice and was the literal same race and class as a joke) was introduced to the party and was the new rigger. Here, the infamous Maheem was introduced and the PCs for some odd reason were obsessed with him, perhaps due to his name or strange, middle eastern accent. Maheem clearly showed strong disliking to the PCs. A few days of being on the Wormwood they stopped at a reef where Plugg demanded that the PCs go to it and fetch fresh crab. Barhare and Morrison were taken out of the bilges to complete this task. They swam over only to be attacked by Reefclaws that began pummeling the group. Barhare ignored them as he didn't want to fail another task, especially one assigned by the captain. Because of this, Hozon and Pirate Jack became surrounded by them and they both died, Hozon drowned and Pirate Jack was shredded up by the Reefclaws. This now left Barhare and Morrison as the remaining original members and the second death of the player of the Half Elf rangers. Barhare was released from the bilges for him completing the task, but Morrison was not. A couple days pass and after continued mourning, the group was introduced to yet again another Half Elf ranger, this time being named Pirate Maheem (he was forced by me to play another Half Elf ranger because he didn't want to, aren't i just the worst?). Pirate Maheem was sided with Plugg and Scourge but was eventually convinced by the PCs. The other new group member being introduced was an Aasimar Shaman known as Cal. He quickly befriended Barhare, Pirate Maheem, Ambrose, and Sandara. At the end of the session, Pirate Maheem noticed a ship in the distance as the Wormwood began gaining on them fast.

Session #2: The First Falls

This session began with the PCs doing their tasks as usual and going around meeting new NPCs, including Sandara Quinn, Rosie Cusswell, Cut-Throat Grok, Jack Scrimshaw, Tilly Brackett, and Conchobar Shortstone. For a large majority of this session, the PCs attempted to get their gear back from Grok. They quickly befriended her and she allowed them to have their gear and Rosie's fiddle. After a bet gone wrong, Pirate Justice lost a finger to Morrison and he took it from him. At one point Plugg entered the party with Owlbear Hartshorn, placing bets for someone to fight Owlbear. Pirate Justice accepted the challenge but unfortunately died in combat after Plugg threw in a club to Owlbear where he scored a critical hit on the poor sailor, smashing his skull in. Despite Plugg receiving some winnings, he demanded that Owlbear be keelhauled for his accidental murder. Owlbear pleaded for his life but was kicked off and died at sea. A few days after this event, a nasty storm hit the Wormwood, causing all hands to be on deck to safely guide the ship. Unfortunately, Tilly fell overboard and chaos ensued as the PCs rushed to help her. Morrison jumped into the water to attempt to save her but she was swept away, leaving Morrison to be raised back up. Tilly later died at sea. These two events enraged Morrison, and Plugg constantly taunting him only made it worse. Because of this, Morrison fired at Plugg, critical hitting him on the first shot for 20-24 points of damage. Rather than fight, Plugg retreated to Harrigan as Morrison tried to fire upon him further until realizing his decisions and he hid. On the main deck, a continued mutiny attempt proceeded started by Barhare. No one sided with him, even Pirate Jack and Harrigan demanded the sailors seize him for a gold reward. Hozon stayed quiet during this, not taking action. Morrison and Barhare soon found themselves being swarmed by other pirates and were eventually caught. Morrison was sentenced to 3 weeks in the bilges and his gun was taken away while Barhare was in the bilges for 2 weeks. The session ended after this event.

Session #1: The Wormwood

Our adventure begins with 4 protagonists, Pirate Justice, a Half Elf ranger, Morrison, an Elf gunslinger, Hozon Mov, a Shabti arcanist, and Barhare, an Orc barbarian. They were awoken on the Wormwood by one of the main villains of Book 1, Master Scourge who ordered them on deck. They agreed and followed, realizing that their gear was missing. Barhare wasn't too happy about this as he wanted to cut things with his trusty scythe. On deck, the PCs met Captain Barnabas Harrigan and his first mate, Mister Plugg. After brief introductions Plugg got straight to work and immediately was hated by the PCs. The PCs were assigned their jobs, Hozon was the cook's mate and quickly became acquainted with Ambrose Kroop who was a drunken mess, Pirate Justice became a rigger and met a few of the other riggers on board who were not too fond of him. Barhare and Morrison were assigned as swabs and they quickly got to work. Barhare soon became infamous for screwing up his daily tasks and being punished by Master Scourge. This began the seething hatred between the two. This is where the session ended.

Welcome to the DM logs!
A recap on each session from the DM's perspective!

Here you will see recaps on previous sessions that have occurred in this campaign. In these recaps I will be pointing out important events, funny moments, PC and important NPC deaths, and other little tidbits. I will try to update this as often as possible. Sessions 1-10 will not have a proper date on it, the remaining ones will have the proper date on which they were played. Happy reading!


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