Skulls and Shackles

Session #2: The First Falls

This session began with the PCs doing their tasks as usual and going around meeting new NPCs, including Sandara Quinn, Rosie Cusswell, Cut-Throat Grok, Jack Scrimshaw, Tilly Brackett, and Conchobar Shortstone. For a large majority of this session, the PCs attempted to get their gear back from Grok. They quickly befriended her and she allowed them to have their gear and Rosie's fiddle. After a bet gone wrong, Pirate Justice lost a finger to Morrison and he took it from him. At one point Plugg entered the party with Owlbear Hartshorn, placing bets for someone to fight Owlbear. Pirate Justice accepted the challenge but unfortunately died in combat after Plugg threw in a club to Owlbear where he scored a critical hit on the poor sailor, smashing his skull in. Despite Plugg receiving some winnings, he demanded that Owlbear be keelhauled for his accidental murder. Owlbear pleaded for his life but was kicked off and died at sea. A few days after this event, a nasty storm hit the Wormwood, causing all hands to be on deck to safely guide the ship. Unfortunately, Tilly fell overboard and chaos ensued as the PCs rushed to help her. Morrison jumped into the water to attempt to save her but she was swept away, leaving Morrison to be raised back up. Tilly later died at sea. These two events enraged Morrison, and Plugg constantly taunting him only made it worse. Because of this, Morrison fired at Plugg, critical hitting him on the first shot for 20-24 points of damage. Rather than fight, Plugg retreated to Harrigan as Morrison tried to fire upon him further until realizing his decisions and he hid. On the main deck, a continued mutiny attempt proceeded started by Barhare. No one sided with him, even Pirate Jack and Harrigan demanded the sailors seize him for a gold reward. Hozon stayed quiet during this, not taking action. Morrison and Barhare soon found themselves being swarmed by other pirates and were eventually caught. Morrison was sentenced to 3 weeks in the bilges and his gun was taken away while Barhare was in the bilges for 2 weeks. The session ended after this event.

Session #1: The Wormwood

Our adventure began with 4 the protagonists, Pirate Justice, a Half Elf ranger, Morrison, an Elf gunslinger, Hozon Mov, a Shabti arcanist, and Barhare, an Orc barbarian. They were awoken on the Wormwood by one of the main villains of Book 1, Master Scourge who ordered them on deck. They agreed and followed, realizing that their gear was missing. Barhare wasn't too happy about this as he wanted to cut things with his trusty scythe. On deck, the PCs met Captain Barnabas Harrigan and his first mate, Mister Plugg. After brief introductions Plugg got straight to work and immediately was hated by the PCs. The PCs were assigned their jobs, Hozon was the cook's mate and quickly became acquainted with Ambrose Kroop who was a drunken mess, Pirate Justice became a rigger and met a few of the other riggers on board who were not too fond of him. Barhare and Morrison were assigned as swabs and they quickly got to work. Barhare soon became infamous for screwing up his daily tasks and being punished by Master Scourge. This began the seething hatred between the two. This is where the session ended.

Welcome to the DM logs!
A recap on each session from the DM's perspective!

Here you will see recaps on previous sessions that have occurred in this campaign. In these recaps I will be pointing out important events, funny moments, PC and important NPC deaths, and other little tidbits. I will try to update this as often as possible. Sessions 1-10 will not have a proper date on it, the remaining ones will have the proper date on which they were played. Happy reading!


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