Undead Manticore, enslaved Morrison and his father years ago, was resurrected twice by necromancy


Undead advanced manticore, killed by Hobbes then again by Eremander

Appears in Sessions 10 and 19


Zedonehz was a manticore who owned an island and enslaved hundreds of men, women, and children, including Morrison and his father. He was eventually killed by a strange man wielding pistols and he freed Morrison. The group found Zedonehz on an island, still alive via necromancy and Morrison’s father as a Draugr. Morrison was shocked by this as his father was alive when they escaped, leading him to believe Zedonehz found and killed him. The group battled Zedonehz and he was eventually killed by Hobbes. After the battle Rakham kissed his skull, cursing him to cause a Bearded Devil to attack him, leading to Rakham and Crimson’s death. During the Free Captains Regatta, Zedonehz somehow made another appearance, perhaps by being brought back once again. He pursued the PCs but was defeated by Eremander, who crushed his skull, turning his body to dust.


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