Zarskia Galembar (Dead)

Leader of the Chelish spy ring, Owner of the Jasperleaf Apothecary


Human, Alchemist 11, killed Manumit but then killed by Kanger


Zarskia Galembar was the ringleader of the Chelish Spy Network and owner of the Jasperleaf Apothecary. Her identity was brought to the party through a letter held by Giles Halmis. Eventually the PCs made their way to her apothecary and established a meeting with her, where they learned she was a spy along with several others, though they are all dead. Fleeing the confrontation, the PCs fought their way to her, including them battling her pet, Shimerae. Once they found her, they began a difficult battle, leading to the death of Manumit after she was blinded. Kanger then proceeded to cut her down, ending the Chelish spy threat.

Zarskia Galembar (Dead)

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