Whalebone Pilk (Dead)

Captain of the Deathknell, followed the PCs for 3 nights


Breath Taker Fighter 1, steal air ability, fully killed by Scrinti when he destroyed the bell.


Whalebone Pilk is Captain of the Deathknell and sails the seas at night to claim the souls of sailors. The legend goes it follows you for 2 nights and on the 3rd it attacks, which was discovered by Manumit. After the party split up from the Dominator, Manumit, Pirate Captain Pirate, and Scrinti had to fight Whalebone without the rest of their group. The group struggled due to the large number of Brine Zombie crew and Manumit falling unconscious early. Before he fell unconscious, he warned the group to go for the bell. Scrinti charged the bell which caused Whalebone to grow furious and Scrinti fell unconscious from his Steal Breath ability. Pirate Captain Pirate eventually killed Whalebone and revived the group. Scrinti was still dedicated on destroying the bell, so he removed it from the ship and kicked it into the ocean, forever destroying the Deathknell.

Whalebone Pilk (Dead)

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