Vakarla (Dead)

Leader of the wreckers in the Rampore Isles, raided the Lady's Sting and stole the Golden Vespal


Half Orc, Wizard 9 (Illusionist), specializes in illusion and uses a lot of necromancy too, killed by Eremander


Vakarla was the leader of the wreckers in the Rampore Isles behind the raiding of the Lady’s Sting, a Calistrian vessel carrying the Golden Vespal, a golden wasp statue that is a prized possession to the House of Stolen Kisses. The PCs first learned of Vakarla from the Temple of the Hidden Name where the priest first asked for a secret from the party. Once the information of Vakarla was given to the party, they sailed in search of her but instead ran into a multitude of her illusions disguising a massive reef. The Jenny sailed straight into it, causing the ship to run aground and the wreckers attacked. Vakarla casted multiple spells on the party including scorching ray, wall of fire, fog cloud, and vampiric touch. Once she landed onto their ship, she was killed by Eremander.

Vakarla (Dead)

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