The Master of Gales

Pirate lord of Drenchport


Human, Druid [Storm Druid] 15, has a giant squid companion, brief connection with Hobbes’ backstory

Appears in Sessions 19-20 and 26-27


The Master of Gales is the pirate lord of Drenchport. For the past 5 years, he was also the winner of the Free Captains Regatta. This year however, he dropped out of the race, giving other pirates a chance to earn a seat on the council. He met with the PCs briefly after their victory in the Regatta. On The Jenny, he gave them the deed to the island of Sindus, or, the Island of Empty Eyes. He also told the party that they will need to clear it out in 3 months to prepare for a feast for a few members of the pirate council. The Master was invited to the PCs’ feast and was very proud of their work.

The Master of Gales

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