Tessa Fairwind

Pirate lord of Quent, second in line for the Hurricane Crown, ally of the PCs


Half Elf, Bard (Daredevil) 10/Duelist 3, very cunning and open to flirting


Tessa Fairwind is the pirate lord of Quent and one of the most powerful pirates in the Shackles. She introduced herself to the PCs after Kerdak’s celebration when she invited the party to her townhouse in Port Peril. At her house she informed the party of Chelish spies within the Shackles and that they need to be found and dealt with so she may present evidence of a potential Chelish invasion. She was described as a striking half elf with long red hair. Tessa was a great help to the PCs for the preparation of their feast by telling them about Fargo Vitterande and the pirate lords who will be attending. Tessa herself was invited to the feast and was cautious about someone interfering with the feast. Thankfully, the PCs handled it well which impressed Tessa.

Tessa Fairwind

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