Scrunto Cat'Nek (Scrinti Cat'Bak)

Boatswain of the Jenny, very chaotic, master at climbing and acrobatics.


Catfolk, Fighter 10, dual wields shortswords, weapon training (Light Blades)

Major Kills:
- Whalebone Pilk


Before the events of the Wormwood, Scrinti was a slave to a ship belonging to evil Elf slavers that were planning on torturing him for his entire life. He eventually escaped on a longboat to Port Peril where he tried to make a living. One thing led to another and he found himself on the Wormwood. He was originally met by the PCs during the raid on the Man’s Promise and almost single handedly killed the entire enemy crew. Scrinti stayed on the Man’s Promise when the group went to Bonewrack Isle, only to be held hostage by Plugg upon their return. After being saved, Scrinti learned to show no mercy in combat, being known for his called shots to rather inappropriate places. Now serves at Boatswain on the Jenny and likes to influence the captain’s opinions. He taunts and makes fun of Manumit due to him being an Elf. Scrinti has also been trying to learn how to use the ballista on the ship. He was also responsible for Cal’s alignment change by suggesting the burning of the ship. Scrinti was also dragged into the confrontation with Whalebone Pilk. He was eventually knocked unconscious from Whalebone’s steal breath ability but survived the fight. Scrinti attended the events on Tidewater Rock, remaining relatively quiet and becoming friends with Kanger. Scrinti also joined the exploration of Mancatcher Cove where he was the definite MVP of the adventure. Scrinti scored countless amounts of critical hits and ignored underwater combat penalties thanks to the Aquatic Combatant feat.

Scrunto Cat'Nek (Scrinti Cat'Bak)

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