Rickety Hake

Old ship builder, owner of Rickety Squibs, helped the PCs hide their identities


Human, Expert 7, squibber, has a lot of missing teeth.


Rickety Hake first met the PCs upon their arrival to Rickety Squibs where he introduced himself and discussed business. The PCs gave him a large amount of their wealth in order to afford the squibbing, including a gross wedding dress that belonged to a ghoul. After spending some time on his island, he lowered the price because of the PCs heroic acts of saving some of his workers and checking on his lookout, who was killed. Rickety let Pirate Captain Pirate keep Rotgut for himself. After the Jenny was finished, he and Merrill Pegsworthy rechristened the ship. As the ship took off, he waved farewell to the group.

Rickety Hake

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