Pirate Maheem (Pirate Captain Pirate)

Ex-Captain and current pilot of the Jenny, has a parrot animal companion named Rotgut, never makes direct eye contact.


Half Elf, Ranger 10, parrot animal companion (Rotgut), animals and humans as favored enemies, water and urban as favored terrains, his name is based off of the Wormwood crew member Maheem who Pirate Jack was fond of.

Major Kills:
- Mister Plugg
- Giles Halmis


Originally allies to Plugg and Scourge, he needed to be convinced that they were evil people. With enough convincing, Pirate Maheem joined with the group. On Bonewrack Isle he contracted Ghoul Fever but managed to survive the disease. During the mutiny on the Man’s Promise, Pirate Maheem began open firing with his longbow, taking down many of the enemy sailors including Aretta, Shivikah, and Jaundiced, but turned his attention to Plugg after he defeated Manumit. He delivered the final blow on Plugg by for once making direct eye contact, downing an entire bottle of whiskey, then shooting him through the eye. He was elected captain of the ship for killing Plugg. At Rickety Squibs, he encountered the parrot Rotgut who quickly became his animal companion. During the events of the Dominator, he stayed behind and sailed away after Manumit returned alone. In the encounter with Whalebone Pilk, he fought Whalebone one on one due to Manumit and Scrinti falling unconscious and defeated him. After Rakham’s death, he was revoked as captain due to his poor decisions. This angered him immensely and began drinking heavily to cope with the decision. Pirate Captain Pirate did not attend the events of Tidewater Rock but in an effort of redemption, he joined the party in Mancatcher Cove, defeating many Sahuagin and sharks. During the Brine Banshee events, Pirate Captain Pirate struggled a bit due to his skill with the bow not working so well underwater, forcing him to use his axe. During the aboleth fight, Kanger was dominated and almost killed Pirate Captain Pirate, specifically bringing him 1 hp away from death. Thankfully the domination ended due to Hobbes and Eremander saved his life with a potion.

Pirate Maheem (Pirate Captain Pirate)

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