Pirate Justice (Dead)

Short Lived on the Wormwood, first out of the three Half Elf rangers


Half Elf, Ranger 2, killed by Owlbear Hartshorn in a duel


Pirate Justice started as one of the original 4 adventurers (Pirate Justice, Barhare, Hozon Mov, Morrison). He was assigned as a a rigger and completed his tasks well and got along well with people. After losing a bet to Morrison, he lost his pinky finger which is still in the possession of Morrison. He accepted to duel Owlbear after bets were being placed, with the majority going to Owlbear. Plugg threw in a club to Owlbear where he picked it up and proceeded to critical hit Pirate Justice, killing him instantly. This led to the keelhauling of Owlbear and what sparked the idea of a mutiny between the remaining group members.

Pirate Justice (Dead)

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