Pierce Jerrell

Free captain of the Salty Flagon, old friend of Barhare, ally to the party


Human, Fighter 1/Sorcerer 7 (Destined Bloodline)


Pierce Jerrell is the captain of the Salty Flagon and a free captain of the Shackles. He was introduced when the party went to the Riptide Alehouse when he asked if he could join the party to sit down. In a brief discussion, they learned he was a friend of Barhare’s and recognized the group, asking where he was. After being told Barhare was killed, he left to get a drink. Once the bar fight began, Pierce aided the party through spells and helped them leave the tavern safely. After they left, Pierce became an ally to the party, bid them farewell, and left. Pierce was later seen as a spectator for the Free Captains’ Regatta, rooting on The Jenny.

Pierce Jerrell

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