Owlbear Hartshorn (Dead)

Pet to Mister Plugg, strong but not smart, covered in tar and feathers


Human, Fighter 2, extremely slow but very powerful, killed Pirate Justice accidentally, keelhauled by Plugg for killing Pirate Justice


Owlbear was first met by the PCs when Plugg bet on him to fight anyone on the ship. Pirate Justice decided to fight him and the fist fight soon turned deadly. At one point Plugg threw in a club to Owlbear where he picked it up and used it on Pirate Justice. Due to a critical for a massive amount of damage, Pirate Justice’s skull was smashed in, killing him. Despite Plugg and the other pirates winning some bet money, Owlbear was sentenced to a keelhaul for killing another sailor. Before he was keelhauled he was constantly yelling out that he was sorry and for someone to help him. No one stepped in so he jumped off and later died.

Owlbear Hartshorn (Dead)

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