Mister Plugg (Dead)

First mate of the Wormwood and previous captain of the Man's Promise


Human, Fighter 5, had a seething hatred for Morrison, killed by Pirate Maheem via arrow through the eye


Mister Plugg was the First Mate of the Wormwood and had a strong hatred towards the PCs. He had a band of cronies that liked him. Plugg always carried his Cat-O’-Nine-Tails and Tidewater Cutlass with him. After being shot by Morrison multiple times including a critical, Plugg despised him. He was the one who sent the PCs to fetch fresh crab on the reef, meaning he was most likely responsible for Pirate Jack and Hozon’s deaths. After the raid on the Man’s Promise, he became Captain and assigned Scourge as First Mate. When Sandara and Jack were kidnapped he refused to believe they were alive. While the PCs were on Bonewrack Isle he, Scourge, Plugg’s cronies, and a Rahadoumi Sailor held the PCs allies hostage including Scrunto. Upon their return he acted calm and brought them below deck where he revealed the hostages and challenged the PCs to a fight: Plugg, Scourge, the cronies, and the sailor versus the PCs. They accepted and Plugg immediately unleashed all he could on Morrison, knocking him unconscious. Just as he was about to coup de grace him, he was attacked by Pirate Maheem and was later shot directly through the eye by an arrow from Pirate Maheem, killing him. Morrison was revived and as revenge took his cutlass, one of his pinky fingers, and his goatee. His corpse was later thrown overboard.

Mister Plugg (Dead)

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