Merrill Pegsworthy

Free captain of the Shackles, has a large greatsword


Human, Fighter 6, has a hatred of Harrigan, befriended the PCs, rechristened the Man’s Promise.


Merrill Pegsworthy was encountered at Rickety Squibs after a giant wasp attack. His ship arrived unannounced which startled Rickety and the PCs. After a short miscommunication, Merrill introduced himself and recognized the Jenny as the Man’s Promise. The PCs told him the truth of how they obtained it and Merrill was impressed and told the PCs their secret was safe with him. In fact he volunteered to rechristen their ship. After the ritual he told the group they should go to Tidewater Rock to gain more infamy throughout the Shackles. After the Jenny sailed off, he waved goodbye. Merrill was later seen as a spectator for the Free Captains’ Regatta, rooting on The Jenny.

Merrill Pegsworthy

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