Master Scourge (Dead)

Boatswain of the Wormwood, first mate of the Man's Promise


Human, Fighter 2/Rogue 2, disliked the PCs, had a hatred towards Barhare, constantly punished the PCs, cut directly in half by Barhare’s scythe


Master Scourge was the first person the PCs met on the Wormwood and immediately treated them like dirt. He would be under constant watch of their work and would punish the PCs if they didn’t do a good enough job. Most notably he would always punish Barhare due to him constantly failing his daily tasks. This built up a large hatred between the two. After the raid on the Man’s Promise, he was promoted to First Mate by Plugg. While the PCs were on Bonewrack Isle, he and Plugg held the PCs’s allies hostage. Upon their arrival they all dueled to the death, with Scourge constantly whipping and taunting Barhare. Eventually Barhare managed to deliver the final blow to Scourge by cutting him directly in half in the middle of him laughing, killing Scourge instantly. Barhare took his whip and later threw his body overboard.

Master Scourge (Dead)

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