Maheem (Dead)

Large Rahadoumi man, rigger on the Wormwood, disliked the PCs


Human, Warrior 2, sent to Bonewrack Isle where he eventually contracted Ghoul Fever and died


Maheem was a fan favorite amongst the PCs, unfortunately he didn’t feel the same way. His name was always being called by Pirate Jack and he always tried to get Maheem to like him, but nothing would work, not even a gift of rum. Upon Pirate Jack’s death, Maheem was relieved he was gone, only to have another Maheem in the form of Pirate Maheem on the ship which irritated him further. On the Man’s Promise he helped Plugg and Scourge hold the PCs’s allies hostage. During the Mutiny he was brought to very low HP by Pirate Maheem so he dropped his weapon and begged for mercy. After Plugg’s death, Maheem and a couple of the other surviving cronies were ordered by Pirate Maheem to go to Bonewrack Isle. He later contracted Ghoul Fever and died.

Maheem (Dead)

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