Kanger McCleagh

Replacement master gunner of the Jenny, son of Royster McCleagh and guard on Tidewater Rock, joined the group after defeating Isabella Locke


Human, Fighter 10, weapon training in heavy blades and crossbows, wields a greatsword.

Major Kills:
- Krelloort
- Knuckles Grype
- Zarskia Galembar
- Bikendi Otongu

• Slain by Cyclopes (Session 23)


Kanger McCleagh is played as the person who previously played as Barhare. Kanger is the foster son of Royster McCleagh and has dreamed of one day sailing out and exploring the world. He met the PCs during the dinner on Tidewater Rock where they briefly spoke. He helped Hobbes against the invading sahuagin and defended the castle when Isabella Locke attacked. After the group discovered a treasure map, he joined the PCs, hoping to live his life on the sea and find love. Kanger has since completed his goal of finding love. He began to prove himself in Mancatcher Cove by defeating many Sahuagin including Krelloort. Upon the group’s return from the cove, they were ambushed by Knuckles Grype. Kanger defeated him and killed Knuckles as he begged for mercy. He was punished by Hobbes for his actions against his orders not to kill him. During the Brine Banshee fiasco, Kanger was dominated by an aboleth and almost killed Pirate Captain Pirate. Luckily the domination was removed and Pirate Captain Pirate was saved. After retraining a bit, Kanger took up the position as master gunner on the Jenny.

Kanger McCleagh

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