Jack Scrimshaw

Young sailor, owes his life to Pirate Captain Pirate, had a romantic relationship with Tilly


Human, Ranger 3/Rogue 7, survived a close death encounter with a Lacedon, respected by the PCs.


Jack Scrimshaw was first met by the PCs in a drinking competition where he, Tilly, Morrison, Barhare, and Pirate Jack all competed. Jack was the winner and he congratulated the PCs for their effort. He later became a close ally to the PCs. After Tilly’s death, Jack became a lot more serious compared to his usual self. On the Man’s Promise, he and Sandara were kidnapped by Grindylows and taken to Bonewrack Isle. When the PCs encountered them, Jack was at 1 HP at the time and warned them about the Brinebrood Queen. After he and Sandara fell in the water, Morrison cut the ropes that bound them and gave both him and Sandara a weapon to defend themselves. Jack was attacked by a Lacedon but survived and swam away where he reached land and was barely conscious. He was healed by Cal and he vowed his life to the PCs and warned them of Plugg’s true intentions. On the Jenny he now works as a rigger where he often talks to Pirate Captain Pirate. When Rakham was under attack by a Bearded Devil, he attempted to save him and Crimson, but could not help in time.

Jack Scrimshaw

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