Hozon Mov (Dead)

Shabti arcanist and cook's mate on the Wormwood, knocked unconscious by Reef Claws and drowned


Shabti, arcanist (White Mage Arcanist) 3, drowned.


One of the original 4 party members. Hozon was able to quickly become friends with the group. He was assigned the task of cook’s mate and become friends with the drunken Ambrose Kroop. Together they told stories, drank rum, and cooked. After being assigned to go to a reef and fetch fresh crab with Barhare, Pirate Jack, and Morrison, Hozon found himself surrounded by Reef Claws and was quickly knocked unconscious. He wasn’t able to be saved in time so he drowned in the reef where both he and Pirate Jack died.

Hozon Mov (Dead)

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