Fipps Chumlett (Dead)

Swab on the Wormwood, strong hatred towards the PCs, especially Barhare


Human, Warrior 2, enemy of Barhare, killed during the Man’s Promise mutiny by Barhare


Fipps Chumlett was introduced to the PCs by bullying them and shoving them around alongside Aretta, Syl, and Jaundiced. The PCs eventually began a fist fight with them but Barhare drew a blade on Fipps and cut him across the face which led to them backing down and Fipps developing a hatred towards Barhare. On the Man’s Promise he helped Plugg and Scourge hold the PCs’s allies hostage. During the mutiny he helped Scourge attack Barhare but was killed after Scourge.

Fipps Chumlett (Dead)

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