Previous slave of the Dominator, joined up after being rescued by Rakham and Hobbes, new master at arms on the Jenny


Human, Bloodrager 9, Destined Bloodline, wields an earth breaker and likes to power attack, he has an array of spells as well.


Slave of the Dominator for 10 years by Commander Kyan Kain and was tortured brutally. After building a longboat and attempting to escape he was thrown in the bilges with Hobbes and Rakham after they were captured, and together they all escaped and seek to reunite with the others. Once reunited with the group on the Jenny he was assigned as a rigger. Eremander came with to the island to battle against Zedonehz and tried to help the best he could. During the Bearded Devil attack, he tried to help Rakham but couldn’t save him in time. After his funeral, Eremander was repositioned as the new master at arms. He assisted the party at Tidewater Rock, remaining relatively quiet and trying to help to the best of his ability. He was with the party for the majority of Book 3, not only helping them in the Chelish spy investigation, but also helped the party find and loot the Brine Banshee. After Pirate Captain Pirate had an extremely close death encounter, Eremander saved him in the nick of time.


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