Ederleigh Baines

Bikendi Otongu's apprentice and Hobbes' childhood friend. Previously insane but cured.


CN Human Male, Fighter 2/Rogue 5/Wizard 3. Has a monkey familiar named Dolo.

Appears in Sessions 22, 26, and 28


Ederleigh Baines is Bikendi Otongu’s apprentice and Hobbes’ childhood friend. When Bikendi arrived to Sindus, Ederleigh quickly became friends with Hobbes and they would frequently explore the island and play games when he had free time. As Bikendi’s interest in the Dreamstone grew, Ederleigh became more distanced from Hobbes. After Bikendi snuck out of the Sindus dungeon, he gathered his remaining crew and Ederleigh to kill the night hag, Lodhotha and take the Dreamstone. When Bikendi’s ritual failed, Ederleigh proposed the crew should leave the island, but not before returning the Dreamstone. Once he returned it back, the rest of the crew had already left, leaving him behind. Ederleigh was blamed for the terrible occurrences on Sindus and was thrown into the dungeon because of it. Once the cyclopes invaded, Ederleigh escaped and hid in the fort, where he soon became mentally insane. When the PCs arrived, they knocked Ederleigh unconscious and brought him back to the Jenny. Hobbes used a scroll of greater restoration to cure his insanity and he told the PCs everything he knew about the Dreamstone. Afterwards, he asked the PCs to join their crew, which they happily agreed.

Ederleigh Baines

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