Commander Kyan Kain (Dead)

Commander of the Dominator, pirate hunter, slaver of Eremander


Human, Cavalier 6, Order of the Lion, skull was smashed in by Eremander


Commander of the Dominator, a pirate hunter ship. Encountered the PCs in the ship’s tiller cabin and attacked. The fight grew dangerous as more and more marines kept joining and Kain quickly knocked Rakham unconscious because of his challenge ability. After Manumit’s retreat, Kain knocked Hobbes unconscious as well, throwing both Hobbes and Rakham in a cell. Upon their consciousness, Kain interrogated Rakham and Hobbes and forced them to do hard labor with Eremander. He returned the PCs gear except for their money because he knew they were going to try to escape again, giving him the opportunity to kill them, at least giving them a fair fight with their gear. Sure enough, they attempted to escape which led to a large fight between the PCs, a lot of marines, and Kain. Rakham once again sustained many large wounds and Hobbes went unconscious towards the end of the fight. But before Kain could coup de grace, Eremander bashed his skull in, killing Kain instantly. The PCs now have what remains of his exploded head hanging on the front of their escape dinghy.

Commander Kyan Kain (Dead)

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