"Caulky" Tarroon (Dead)

Cabin girl on the Wormwood, had a strong disliking towards the PCs, was repeatedly flirted with by Barhare


Human, Commoner 3/Rogue 2 (Knife Master), sparked Barhare’s masochism, killed by Manumit via scorching ray


“Caulky” Tarroon was the cabin girl of the Wormwood. She was constantly flirted with by Barhare but always turned him down. This began Barhare’s masochism and he came up with a plan to write a fake love letter under Plugg’s name to get revenge on Caulky. He never saw the results of the letter. After the succession of the party’s admission as free captain, the group decided to celebrate at the Riptide Alehouse. Along with meeting Pierce Jerrell, they encounter Caulky attempting to drug a sailors’ drink. The sailor recognized the drug and a bar fight erupted where Caulky noticed the party and tried to run away. She was blinded and held shortly before breaking out and continuing to run. In desperation, Manumit fired 2 scorching rays at Caulky, killing her.

"Caulky" Tarroon (Dead)

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