Barnabas Harrigan

Captain of the Wormwood, current villain to the PCs


Human, captain of the Wormwood, intimidating


Barnabas Harrigan is a powerful and feared captain among the Shackles. He is the captain of the Wormwood. He has only had a couple encounters with the PCs, one of which included their introduction to the Wormwood, the other being the confiscation of Morrison’s pistols after shooting Plugg, where Harrigan forced Morrison into the bilges for 3 weeks. He assisted in the raid on the Man’s Promise where he was seen holding a human heart and laughing. He gave the ship to Mister Plugg to have it sent to Port Peril. Plugg betrayed Harrigan and was instead going to squib the ship. Now that the Man’s Promise is under the possession of the PCs, they have squibbed the ship and have changed their names to avoid encountering Harrigan.

Barnabas Harrigan

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