Barhare (Pirate Rakham)(Dead)

Master of Arms on the Jenny, the tank of the group, masochist, extremely powerful.


Orc, Barbarian 6, lesser hurling, lesser elemental rage, boasting taunt rage powers, uses a scythe, killed by a Bearded Devil.

Major Kills:
- Master Scourge


Extremely powerful in combat, typically using power attack while raging to deal large amounts of damage. Previous slave to Maximillian and Deliza Jerrell for years. He escaped with Pierce Jerrell and hasn’t seen him since the escape. On the Wormwood he received many punishments for failing daily tasks and slowly grew a hatred for Master Scourge. When the group was on Bonewrack Isle he had a very close death encounter with a Devil Fish but thanks to an anchor being dropped on it from an anchor feather token, he was saved. When it came to the Mutiny, he delivered the killing blow on Master Scourge. Rakham has been known to fail miserably at flirting with women, especially Rosie Cusswell. Because of this, he became masochistic. His relationship with Pirate Captain Pirate is slowly getting worse as he has taken away a lot of his privileges. Most recently, he and Hobbes were captured by Commander Kyan Kain and with the help of Eremander they escaped, killing Kain in the process. When Zedonehz died, Rakham kissed his skull, cursing him to cause a Bearded Devil to chase after him on the Jenny. After preparing an almost successful date with Rosie, the devil attacked, killing Crimson after attempting to help, and he killed Rakham as well. A funeral was held for the Orc and Crimson, leaving Morrison as the only remaining original group member.

Barhare (Pirate Rakham)(Dead)

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