"Badger" Medlar

Originally a crony of Plugg, an older woman


Human, Warrior 3, originally ally of Plugg and Scourge, convinced by the PCs that they’re evil people


“Badger” Medlar was first encountered by the PCs towards the beginning of the Man’s Promise when they were trying to get as many people on their side as possible. Originally Badger liked Plugg and Scourge but after careful word choice and persuasion, she eventually realized that they can’t be trusted. Being a previous crony of Plugg, she knew a lot of his plans and helped plan the mutiny. Unfortunately Plugg found out and held the PC’s allies hostage, including her. She was saved by the PCs and now works on the Jenny for them. She attempted to help Rakham against the Bearded Devil, but she was unable to defend him.

"Badger" Medlar

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