Skulls and Shackles

Side Session #2: 10 Years of Hell

This session included Pirate Rakham (still wasn't here so I played as him), Hobbes, and a new guest/player known as Eremander, a human bloodrager with the destined bloodline. The session began with Rakham and Hobbes waking up in the bilges of The Dominator. They were not alone, as another man was with them in the bilges. The man introduced himself as Eremander and stayed quiet. Commander Kyan Kain entered the room and began interrogating Hobbes and Rakham. After the interrogation, he released their chains and put them immediately to harsh labor. The three men swabbed the entire upper deck of the ship, at this point the ship was still disabled. They completed the task and were rewarded with being fully healed and the returning of their equipment. The group then discussed further and learned from Eremander that not only was he has been slave on this ship for ten years but he was thrown into the bilges for attempting to escape on a dingy he was ordered to build. They then decided to escape immediately as they assumed Kain would not expect them to leave so soon. They failed to sneak onto the upper deck and were spotted by a group of marines. In fact, Kain himself climbed down from the crow's nest as he knew their plan, and thus a battle began. The party fought through the marines and as Kain stuggled to fight, he was hit from behind by Eremander and had his skull smashed in, killing Kain instantly. The session ended with the party hoping onto a dinghy and escaping, making their way to Bloodcove, hoping their friends are alive and safe.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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