Skulls and Shackles

Side Session #1: The Deathknell

This session included Pirate Captain Pirate, Manumit, and Scrinti Cat'Bak (played by myself). This session immediately began with the naval combat against The Jenny and The Deathknell. It didn't last long as the ships quickly grappled with each other. The PCs did not get any HP or their spells back from last session as these events happened in rapid succession, so because of this Manumit was low on HP and spells. In the beginning of combat on the deck of The Deathknell, the PCs had to fight some Brine Zombies. Manumit quickly fell unconscious but before he fell he told the group to go for the bell as he deciphered the legend. Scrinti charged the bell which led to Whalebone dispelling the zombies and using his steal breath ability on him, causing Scrinti to fall unconscious, luckily he didn't die. This left a one on one duel between Whalebone and Pirate Captain Pirate. Thanks to him casting Gravity Bow, he quickly disposed of Whalebone, revived Scrinti and Manumit, and Scrinti destroyed the bell. The session ended with the PCs sailing off to the cove, hoping the other party members are there and alive.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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