Skulls and Shackles

Session #9: Dire Straits

This session included Pirate Captain Pirate, Pirate Rakham (He couldn't make it so I played as his character), Manumit, and Hobbes. The session began with the group continuing to sail on the seas, fighting ships and traveling to ports. After Hobbes burned down the merchant ship, Sandara told him that Besmara's presence has left him entirely. She also pointed out information on a creture named Zedonehz who has been enslaving innocent civilians on an island. Sandara believed that if this creature were to be dealt with, Besmara would return to him. Hobbes took note of this information but did not tell anyone. One night the group ran into the Deathknell, a ghost ship captained by Whalebone Pilk. This made the group nervous but they pressed on. The next night they saw it again, this time Manumit deciphered the legend of the Deathknell and learned that the next night it will attack them. This gave the PCs the idea of traveling to a port and staying there for the night. Unfortunately The Jenny's water supply ran low, requiring the group to sail to a cove to refill it, rendering them vulnerable to the Deathknell. The Jenny was about to leave the cove but a Chelish pirate hunter ship known as The Dominator blocked their path. This terrified the PCs but their carpenter Lawrence came up with a plan. By climbing into the tiller cabin, they can disable the tiller rope by cutting it and preventing the ship from moving, allowing a safe escape. The PCs agreed to the plan and Pirate Captain Pirate stayed back to sail the ship as soon as they disable the rope. So, Rakham, Manumit, and Hobbes ventured into The Dominator's tiller cabin where they encountered Commander Kyan Kain. He demanded reasoning behind their intrusion but didn't believe their lies so he attacked. The party soon found themselves surrounded by marines and Rakham quickly fell unconscious. The tiller rope was disabled but Manumit escaped and Hobbes was also knocked unconscious, trying to protect Manumit's escape which changed his alignment back to normal. After Manumit returned to The Jenny he told Pirate Captain Pirate to sail away. The session ended with The Deathknell appearing before The Jenny and preparing to attack.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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