Skulls and Shackles

Session #8: On the High Seas!

This session included Pirate Captain Pirate, Pirate Rakham, Manumit, Hobbes, and Scrinti Cat'Bak. The session began with the strange ship approaching. The captain showed himself along with some bodyguards and introduced himself as Captain Merrill Pegsworthy. He recognized the Man's Promise and demanded to speak with the captain. Pirate Captain Pirate revealed himself as captain and told him how he got the ship truthfully. Pegsworthy was impressed, revealing that he is no friend of Harrigan's and offered to rechristen the ship. The group agreed and were quickly sent to the watch tower to check on the guard there. After a fight with some boars they made their way to the tower and discovered a parrot who kept repeating the same sentence over and over. At the tower they discovered the guard to be dead due to an allergic reaction to the wasps. They brought the parrot with them and returned the news to Rickety where he thanked them and let him keep the parrot, Rotgut for themselves, granting Pirate Captain Pirate his animal companion. The next day the Man's Promise was rechristened by Rickety and Pegsworthy under the new name, "The Jenny." Before the PCs left, Merrill Pegsworthy told them of Tidewater Rock and how if they sought to become infamous, that's where they should go. So the group sailed away and began their adventure, and with some new crew members including their carpenter, Lawrence Freewind, a man who struggled with amnesia after a head injury from escaping a ship that he was on that was taken over by Captain Gortus Svard. The PCs battle merchant ships throughout their adventure and at one point Scrinti told Hobbes to burn down a ship with the people inside as revenge. Hobbes agreed and burned the ship, killing the innocents, changing his alignment to neutral evil. The party eventually encountered Svard's ship, raiding another merchant ship. The Jenny sailed forward and with Morrison as the Master Gunner, Scrinti as the Boatswain, and Pirate Captain Pirate as the Pilot, they attacked. Once grappled to each other, Svard was revealed to be a Hobgoblin and demanded a battle. An enemy sailor made his way to a catapult and launched it at Manumit where it landed a critical hit for 6d6 x 2 but the damage only put him to 0 HP instead of negative. Svard was eventually defeated and his ship was looted. The session ended with The Jenny giving chase to the other merchant ship that got away.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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