Skulls and Shackles

Session #18: The Brine Banshee

This session included Kanger, Hobbes, Levin, Eremander, and Pirate Captain Pirate. After learning from Fitch about the ring, the party quickly introduced themselves to Levin and sailed off to find "Milksop" Morton. They succeeded in doing so where Morton immediately tried to rob them but failed after being borderline turned into swiss cheese by Pirate Captain Pirate, who killed him instantly. After dealing with the constructs that were also on board, including the ship's figurehead that sprung to life, they looted Morton and the ship, retrieving the Ring of the Iron Skull. They returned it to Fitch who asked to join them on their ship to look for the Brine Banshee. Using the ring to track the ship, they found the shipwreck a few hours away from Ollo. Leaving Rotgut, Hobbes' familiar, and Fitch behind, the party drank their water breathing potions and dived in. Not long after swimming in, they were attacked by a merfolk druid and a small pack of sharks. They were quickly defeated and the party pressed on to search the ship. Collecting large amounts of treasure, they discovered that the ship was split in two, with the other half falling into a deep rift below the ocean. Thus, the party swam further down, taking occasional damage from the pressure and low temperatures. Similar to when they dove down, they were attacked by a charda who spewed its freezing, black bile upon the party, but he was also quickly killed. Continuing the search, the party found the dead body of the captain lying by a magical wheel. Levin tampered with the captain which resulted in him being cursed but retrieved the captain's ring of force shield. The party also retrieved the wheel, discovering this was the item behind the Brine Banshee's speed. Not finding a lot of coins to give to Fitch, the party continued exploring the ship to find more treasure, which resulted in them encountering a massive sea anemone. Since it was unable to move, they swam around it as they explored, and ignored the confrontation. Swimming farther in, the party was assaulted with a large number of illusions out of nowhere. It began with an illusion of a huge shark but after it was disbelieved by the party, it vanished and an illusion of an aboleth appeared. The creature behind this also began to dominate Eremander and Kanger, as it saw how powerful they were. He forced Eremander to attack Kanger and forced Kanger to attack Pirate Captain Pirate. After this illusion was removed, the true aboleth revealed himself to attack the party. The true threat was Eremander and Kanger who almost killed Pirate Captain Pirate, but after a fortunate series of low concentration checks on the aboleth thanks to Hobbes attacking him, the domination ended and Eremander saved Pirate Captain Pirate. In a furious rage, Kanger cut the aboleth down in only a couple of attacks, ending the potential total party kill. After this aboleth was dead, the party knew they had to escape, so they quickly skimmed through the remaining parts of the ship, finding the coins they needed for Fitch, returned to their ship, payed Fitch, and dropped him off at Ollo. The session ended with the party returning to Port Peril for final preparations for the Free Captains Regatta.


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