Skulls and Shackles

Session #17: The Original Falls

This session included Kanger, Hobbes, Eremander, and Manumit. After pushing farther into the Jasperleaf Apothecary, the party fought a dusk kamadan known as Shimerae. Eventually finding Zarskia, a battle began between her and the party. The party struggled to fight Zarskia as she had greater invisibility on her and she threw constant bombs at them. Manumit fell quickly and could not be saved fast enough and passed away, burning to death from the blast radius. Kanger killed Zarskia and the party began to mourn the loss of Manumit. They looted his body, looted Zarskia, and found the evidence necessary to bring forth to Tessa. The party fled the apothecary and buried Manumit, giving their final blessings before going on, not yet telling the crew what happened to him. After sleeping a difficult rest, the party then went on a massive shopping spree and returned to Tessa with the evidence of the spies. She was very thankful of their work and the PCs even joined their fleet. With their payment, Tessa recommended them joining the Free Captains Regatta, in which they agreed. Tessa had a guest in her home when they visited. An Aasimar bard named Levin. With his ship previously destroyed, Levin joined the party to become a new addition to their crew. With 2 weeks of preparation, the party decided to investigate the Brine Banshee to discover if it has possible upgrades for the Jenny.   Now, with Levin being a new party member and only 3 remaining Wormwood PCs: Pirate Captain Pirate, Scrinti, and Hobbes, the threat of Harrigan amongst the PCs is seemingly less important.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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