Skulls and Shackles

Session #12: The Lost Treasure

This session included Hobbes, Kanger, Scrinti, and Pirate Captain Pirate (being played by me). This session also marked the final session of Book 2. It began with the party leaving Tidewater Rock and Kanger being introduced to Pirate Captain Pirate and Manumit. With Sandara's help, the party managed to find the location of Mancatcher Cove. Upon arrival, the party spotted the Thresher, the same ship that raided Tidewater Rock, but they decided to leave it be as the ship did not attack them. The party also spotted a canopy creeper lurking above the cove, but it did not attack them as well. Manumit decided to stay on the ship just in case one of these 2 potential enemies were to attack. After spotting sahuagin riding sharks and a lucky acrobatics check, Scrinti jumped on top of a sahuagin and began to attack, with the rest of the party following after. Thanks to potions of water breathing, the party was able to safely dive underwater and explore the cove. They dove 160 ft below and spotted a large swarm of jellyfish blocking an entranceway. Hobbes spotted a conch shell horn and blew into it, alarming a few sahuagin and a tojanida. They defeated the beasts and swam into the underwater dungeon. The party pushed through many sahuagin and hammerhead sharks and found themselves at a secret door where Hobbes was drawn towards. The secret room was revealed to have an ancient mariner who still lived and attacked the party. He was killed and Kanger took his cursed deep platinum necklace. After pushing through more sahuagin, they came across the hatchery being guarded by a large sahuagin matron. She was quickly disposed of and the party ignored the tadpoles. Hobbes came across a ring of animal friendship and put it to good use by charming a hammerhead shark that the party decided to name Clarence. As the party delved deeper into the cave, they defeated the "alpha" hammerhead shark and entered the chambers of Krelloort. Krelloort was heavily armored, wielded a powerful trident, and had four arms. He and his concubines attacked the party but Krelloort was frozen in place from Hobbes' hold person spell. This gave Kanger and Scrinti the opportunity to quickly defeat Krelloort. His trident was given to Kanger and the secret passageway to the treasure room was discovered. Thousands upon thousands of gold pieces in valuables lied in this room along with a treasure chest that was classified as a type IV bag of holding, and a new ram for the ship. The party exited the dungeon and shortly celebrated this victory as the Thresher attacked. The new captain, Knuckles Grype was enraged by the party's success and charged in to attack. The canopy creeper was awoken and joined the fray as well, grabbing and consuming a few enemy pirates and almost grabbed Scrinti. It stopped fighting after it received its meal and Knuckles gave up, begging for mercy. Despite Hobbes' command to spare him, Kanger killed him anyway, changing his alignment to neutral evil. Sandara ran up to the deck to tell the party of her pilgrimage to Besmara. She requested to take the Thresher and its crew to help her complete the pilgrimage. Hobbes agreed to her request and Sandara said her goodbyes to the party and sailed off. The session ended with the party deciding to sail to Rickety Squibs to attach their new ram and to celebrate their victory with plenty of alcohol.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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