Skulls and Shackles

Session #10: A Fallen Friend

This session included Pirate Captain Pirate, Pirate Rakham, Manumit, Hobbes, and Eremander. The session began with The Jenny noticing the dinghy approach from The Dominator. After a few ballista shots, the party was reunited and sailed off. After sailing away and docking at Bloodcove, Eremander was introduced to the others and was assigned as a rigger. After a long rest and recovery, Hobbes brought up the story Sandara had told him of Zedonehz. The party agreed to travel to this island and after making their way there, they soon found themselves attacked by a manticore on their ship. Defeating the manticore, the party lands on the island to once again find another manticore which they defeat as well. After traveling into a cave on the island, they discovered Zedonehz, an undead manticore sitting on a throne. Manumit recognized this manticore as the same creature that enslaved him when he was young but he recalled that it died. Zedonehz revealed to Manumit that he was resurrected and he wishes to enslave him once again. It was at this point a draugr appeared, and Manumit recognized this undead thing as what was once his father. A fight began as Rakham charged the draugr and decapitated it in front of Manumit, terrifying him. Zedonehz knocked Manumit unconscious, causing Hobbes in a fit of rage to charge the manticore and killed him. Manumit was revived only to kick Rakham and be retaliated on with a swift punch to the face, knocking him back out, only frustrating him more. Rakham also kissed the skull of the creature for some odd reason which cursed him. Manumit was once again revived and refused to speak with Rakham. The party returned to The Jenny to celebrate and Rakham asked Rosie out on a "date"  which she accepted. Upon getting ready in his chambers, a Bearded Devil appeared before him demanding for his soul and attacked. Rakham bolted out of the room, screaming for help. He received help from Badger, Jack, Crimson, Pirate Captain Pirate, and Eremander. Unfortunately, the devil's shear determination to kill Rakham could not be stopped as he killed Crimson who stood in his way and slew the orc in front of the crew. Pirate Captain Pirate killed the devil and mourned Rakham's lost. The party attempted to go to Port Peril to resurrect Rakham but due to the price being 11,000 gold pieces, the PCs believed it was best to move on. Thus, a funeral service for Rakham and Crimson began, with each PC, including Eremander, giving a small speech on Rakham. Manumit even felt bad despite his anger towards him. The session ended with Pirate Captain Pirate being revoked as captain due to his poor decision making as a leader and Manumit realizing that he's the last original crew member of the Wormwood.


PandoraSouls99 PandoraSouls99

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